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5 Reasons Why You Should Use A Mobile Office For Your School - Christie's RV

5 Reasons Why You Should Use A Mobile Office For Your School

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Modular buildings have been a go-to solution for anyone that is in need of extra space. Schools, in particular, have adopted this solution, for they often face challenges (budget issues, lack of offices, renovation, that only portable buildings can solve.) Below, you will find a list of 5 benefits of using a mobile office in your school; go through it if you are interested!

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1. A Budget Solution To Expensive Problems

Whenever you are expanding, you are taking up new space, correct? Say you are building a new office for your school to improve the school’s working environment; how much would that cost you? Quite a bit, especially if you are building a new office in an old-fashioned way.

So why not opt for a portable office? You don’t need to purchase building material, you don’t need new installations, and your maintenance will be way lower. You can lower the price even more by opting for a previously used office trailer. Here is some mobile office rental prices and purchase information. Live in Ontario? Contact us for used office trailers for sale Ontario.

Naturally, you’ll ensure that that the quality of the structure doesn’t decrease with the price. Material aside, your operating costs will also be lower. It takes much less time (30 – 50%) to install a modular office than to construct a traditional office.

What this implies is that a school would need to spend 30-50% less money on construction costs, which is quite a substantial amount. It should also be said that these budget-friendly offices can be designed in a way that increases schools productivity. The same logic applies to businesses; sometimes giving extra space to your employees can significantly increase the working and social environment.

2. Fine-Tailored Design

Designing a modular space is convenient, entertaining and straightforward. For starters, they adapt to rapid changes and can virtually become anything a school wants. You might need a new office now, but who’s to say that you’ll need it in 10 years?

Your facility needs can also change. Perhaps you’ll want to use this mobile trailer as a library or classroom. When you think about it, modular buildings are very much like LEGOs! You can attach and detach mobile trailers to your school as you see fit, which gives you various design options.

But those are just physical attributes; what about the aesthetic values? These portable offices can be designed in a way that matches the school’s structural and aesthetic needs. Bear in mind that our working space can affect our efficiency, creativity, and mood.

And who’s to say that your school needs just one office? Perhaps you need several offices or even multi-story offices? Keep in mind that sometimes schools don’t need a permanent or even a long-term solution. For instance, if a staff number increases rapidly (due to various temporary reasons), a school can invest in used mobile offices.

And what happens when you no longer need these new offices? Well, you can wave them goodbye as they detach from your school; that’s the beauty of portable offices. You should also know that these offices can be built with stairs or ramps to accommodate everyone’s needs.

Check out this article on getting the correct size of mobile office trailer?

3. More Flexibility!

It is very important to be flexible in our modern times. Let’s start with financing; mobile office trailer companies offer various payments methods. Why not lease a mobile facility to someone who is in dire need? Most also provide a lease-to-purchase method, and of course, the good old-fashioned buying method. In short, you can often lease, lease/buy and buy portable offices.

And then there’s the flexibility to choose an office based on your time-needs. Do you need it for six months or a decade? Then you can probably (depending on the company you are dealing with) choose between short-term and long-term solutions.

There’s also the convenience aspect of mobile offices. For starters, your school won’t become a giant, loud and messy construction site. Maybe it already is, which is why you would also benefit from a portable office solution, but that’s not the point here! The point is to reduce the inconvenience that often comes with traditional construction.

4. Fast Solution For Unexpected Problems

Your need for extra space can manifest itself quite rapidly and unexpectedly. Portable offices come in handy even in worst case scenarios. For instance, if a disaster occurs and damages some facilities, portable structures can be applied to mitigate this damage.

Also, the school can experience a massive influx of new students rapidly and without any notice. Consequently, a school then needs to hire more office workers to meet the new operating demands. And of course, they need to find an adequate working environment for these new employees.

These are just some examples of problems that are very time-sensitive and often require rapid solutions. We already said that installing a modular office is 30-50% faster than building a traditional office. But, should you opt for a mobile office trailer, then it’s even faster and more convenient.

It’s not the budget that often motivates the schools to buy portable offices; it is time and urgency! Similarly, a school could also host a project, which is how it can find itself in a situation that requires new facilities. Of course, a school could pass on a project, but why would it do that?

Modern industry is offering a solution to everyone (not just schools) who are in desperate need of extra space. As we said, it often doesn’t have to be a high-end trailer but a second hand portable office for sale that can act as a patch and stop the school from bleeding money, literally!< /p>

5. Safety And Accessibility

Renting a mobile office significantly increases school’s safety. How? Well, construction sites can be dangerous, and accidents can occur. Of course, we aren’t saying that they are deadly, but just saying that the chance of someone getting hurt is reduced when you rent a mobile facility and skip the whole construction process.

You can also make your office very accessible. To paint you a picture, take a look at the things you can often include in your modular room deal:

  • steps – the office will also be elevated for safety purposes
  • air conditioning – if the office is exposed to sun and dwells in warm regions, it would be a good idea to install air conditioning
  • heat – some form of heating that will keep your workers cold during cold periods
  • ramps – make your office more accessible to people with disabilities
  • integrated furnishing – a company can provide you with an office that already features desks, tables, etc

Final Thoughts

Naturally, there are more than five reasons as to why would a school choose a mobile office solution, but we feel those were the most common ones. Unlike the business sector, the education sector requires much more finesse and delicacy in the way they conduct themselves.

Schools educate and raise our kids, which is why they need a harmonious and safe working environment, happy employees and cheerful students. And no matter how pretentious this might sound, sometimes adding a little extra space to your school can boost its productivity and therefore its status.

PS: If you are from Ontario and think that a mobile office trailer could solve your space-oriented problems, then check out the office trailers for sale in Ontario at Christie’s RV; maybe you’ll catch a good deal for yourself!

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