6 Facility Types That Benefit From The Use of Modular Office Trailers

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6 Facility Types That Benefit From The Use of Modular Office Trailers

6 Facility Types That Benefit From The Use of Mobile Office Trailers

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Mobile office trailers are a flexible, fast and economical solution for an increasing number of applications. The use of prefabricated portable buildings extends beyond construction sites and temporary classrooms. Before we get into the facility types that benefit from the use of Mobile Office Trailers we will look at some of the key benefits of using a Mobile trailer in the first place.

Features & Benefits of Mobile Trailers

Mobile or modular trailers are typically paid over a specific time period, or as part of a mix of adjustable housing inventory. Individual dealers work with their customers to find the best arrangement, and help them maximize the surprising number of advantages mobile office buildings offer.

Size Selection

Prefabricated buildings are made in various standard sizes, which are manufactured in assembly-line quantities for savings and convenience. Exact dimensions vary in different states, but are generally available in two classifications: Standard Single-Wide of about 8’x20’ (160 sq. feet) to 14×70 (980 sq. Feet), and Multi-Module Complexes of 24’x32’ and up.


Modular construction trailers offer several degrees of customization, from choosing options within standard layouts, to combining units together to utilize a particular space. If a standard size does not meet your requirements, individual customization is available too.

Construction Quality

Perhaps surprisingly, modular trailers typically use better materials and are more durable and well-designed than traditional site-built structures. This is not only because the prefabricated manufacturing process rewards competent design and materials, but because the resulting product must withstand the added stresses of transport and installation. A commercial office trailer also must comply with both national and local building codes.

Installation Speed

Modular building can be delivered quickly, reducing production lag time and quickly ramping up operations as needed. Construction happens remotely, regardless of weather limitations, so the site can be prepared as the building is completed. Set up can be easy or complex, depending upon the building, but it will be faster than building a site from scratch.


Modular buildings can be added or removed to optimize space. This provides the scaling capacity to adjust housing inventory—reducing cost exposure as needed, while maintaining the ability to add more units in case of increased demand.

Environmental Friendliness

Modular construction reduces waste through a more efficient building process and by minimizing site disturbance. Recycling is also a routine part of the recovery process.

Some of the main components & features that can be included in our modular structures are noted below:

  • Advanced security systems to protect the structure’s contents
  • Sound-proofed walls for improved privacy
  • Customized lighting solutions suitable for medical work
  • Climate-control to create suitable working conditions
  • Load-bearing floors to support heavy equipment
  • Piping to help the transport of clean water
  • Designated waiting areas for patients
  • Custom workstations to perform medical research and testing
  • Fitted storage units for medical equipment

The above only lists a small sample of what our modular buildings can include – we can customize your structure in a variety of ways to create the perfect medical solution for your business.


Facilities that Benefit from Modular Buildings

The versatility of modular structures makes them a positive solution in many situations. Here are some examples:

Medical Facilities

New, clean, quality construction and fast installation makes modular space an increasingly popular choice for medical care facilities. Hospitals can manage patient flow and maintain administrative housing with flexible leasing arrangements. Modular buildings function as flexible “just-in-time” medical structures, or as temporary facilities while site-built housing is completed.


Check out this article:  Ontario Mobile Office Trailers & Portable Offices Used as Temporary Healthcare Clinics

Temporary Buildings

A modular unit is an excellent temporary office trailer, such as for real estate subdivision sales offices and other short-term projects. It is much quicker to install a modular building than to complete on-site construction, and the unit can be removed when its purpose is fulfilled. By offering speedy installation and removal, quality modular office trailers can be very economical.

Standalone Solutions

If your needs can be met with available standard sizes, mobile office buildings are an excellent way to resolve an issue that might otherwise require a large financial outlay. You can avoid the time and effort of constructing a one-off structure, and tailor your lease to meet the situation.

One common example is a seasonal concession stand or on-site administrative office. A prefab building can provide space for an employee break area or even a small gym. Modular trailers are also valuable for properties subject to flooding or other conditions that require periodic relocation.

Emergency Shelter

Because of fast and responsive delivery, modular buildings are often used as emergency relief shelters or worker housing in crisis locations. These units can be delivered and installed rapidly, and their number can be easily increased or decreased to match the situation. This aspect makes mobile housing useful anywhere it is needed, which includes meeting new opportunities too.

As a bonus, modular buildings don’t pose the hazards of other hastily provided shelter. There is no unsafe or shoddy construction work caused by inadequate time constraints. With a turnaround time of hours instead of months, prefab units are an important asset for most relief organizations.

Remote Buildings

Modular office buildings are highly advantageous whenever a building is needed in the middle of nowhere. The cost of building onsite in remote locations is prohibitive because of the distance the materials and craftsmen must travel.

Mobile trailers can be delivered to almost anywhere that has a suitable road. Convenient portability makes these buildings useful for camping outposts and other rural housing needs, including remote stores and office space.

Specialized Habitation

Quality design and materials used for modular buildings make them excellent for human habitation in its many forms. Portable prefab units have been engineered to include the basic features of any well-built home, to the point it can be difficult to detect the difference between site-built and modular housing. The robust construction of modular buildings is well-suited to housing groups in otherwise untenable locations.

Oil camps are a special challenge that modular buildings conveniently solve. Workers can be given comfortable housing until the field is depleted. Military camps are another application that uses modular housing, with the useful potential to a accommodate any number of troops.


Many business are finding they can better manage their needs through flexible, quality prefab structures, so that they can focus on their main purposes and avoid begin bogged down in construction complications and permitting details. You can find used mobile offices or office trailers for sale Ontario at Christie’s RV.

If you need a building expansion–or want a more responsive way to manage your housing inventory–it makes sense to consider modular buildings as an option. You are likely to find that modular installation is a solution that offers cost savings … and a higher level of benefits too.

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