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8 important Questions To Ask Your RV Salesperson When Shopping For A New or Used Trailer - Christie's RV

8 important Questions To Ask Your RV Salesperson When Shopping For A New or Used Trailer

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The friendly and knowledgeable sales team here at Christie’s RV dealers of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario are experts when it comes to RV Travel Trailers, Fifth Wheels and Toy Haulers in Ontario (especially Jayco RVs). We make it our priority to ensure that your best interests come above selling you the most expensive trailer on the lot. An RV purchase can cost as much as a home depending on the type, size and specification, so getting the absolute best deal possible is critical. In order to get that deal, you really have to know the right questions to ask. Asking the right questions, in some cases, can make the difference between walking away with the deal of the century, or living with a headache on wheels! Christie’s RV dealers Ontario have put together this short article covering the eight most important questions to ask anybody trying to sell you an RV, whether you’re a highly experienced camper, or completely new to the scene, this should make for essential reading before heading to the dealer’s lot!

1. Does the RV have a suitably powerful roof top air conditioning unit?

It is absolutely imperative that you choose wisely from the get go when it comes to air conditioning units. Yes, it is technically feasible to upgrade an air conditioning unit, but do you want to? Probably not, it can be tricky, and as a standalone purchase, can be rather costly. So beware those temptingly low price tags, unless you check that the air conditioning unit is strong enough for the job, you may find yourself sweating profusely as temperatures rise in your trailer. Spend a little more to ensure that the RV Trailer has the proper air conditioning unit for the size of the trailer, the higher initial cost may seem off putting, however over the life of the RV you’ll save! How? You ask! Well underpowered air conditioning can lead to warped fixtures and fittings due to extreme temperatures, perhaps even mold issues. Having a more powerful air con unit running at a moderate level is far more efficient than a low powered unit going at full tilt all summer too! You will put less wear and tear on the components this way, meaning fewer break downs, and you’ll use less fuel too.

2. Does the dealer offer in house finance?

If a dealer offers in house finance, this can often be a very convenient way to purchase your new or pre owned RV. Often Ontario RV dealers are able to provide their best possible RV deals when financing with them, due to the incentives they receive in return for this. By all means, you should shop around for the best rates, but always make sure to check if they can offer you a better bottom line price with in house financing.

3. Does the RV dealer provide a complimentary (and thorough) pre delivery inspection?

Make absolutely sure that this is something that the RV dealer provides as part of the sale. If they refuse to inspect an RV before it leaves the lot, or attempt to charge you for this service, walk away. Here at Christie’s RV, we are confident that we stock only the very best trailers in the business, both in our new and pre owned departments. We stand by each sale, and ensure that a thorough inspection is conducted. Oh, and when we say thorough, we mean thorough! The pre delivery inspection should be conducted by a qualified technician, and they should be checking every critical system on the trailer, including:


  • Water systems
    • toilet, shower, sinks, refrigerator water and ice dispenser lines
  • Gas systems
    • oven, gas burners (inside and outdoor), furnace, water heater
  • Electrical systems
    • lighting, sockets, slide out motors, power awning motors
  • Misc
    • wheel bearing adjustment, tire pressure


4. Does the dealer have documentation and history relating to used units on their lot?

Would you buy a car without knowing its history? Everybody knows cars with no documented histories can hide sinister pasts, accidents, improper servicing and maintenance, thefts etc. Before signing on the dotted line for your new (to you) RV, ask the dealer for as detailed a history as they can provide when it comes to the unit you are interested in. You are looking for service reports, bills of sale, maintenance records, receipts for upgrades and replacement parts. A solid, well documented history is a great indicator of a well looked after, ‘pre loved’ RV. A lack of, or no documentation at all should set off the internal alarm bells – we aren’t saying don’t buy it, but we are saying that if you proceed, proceed with extreme caution!

5. How long has the dealer been established for?

The is one of the more under rated questions, and usually the most forgotten about! Especially important if this is your very first RV purchase, knowing the history of the dealers themselves can give you a very quick indication as to whether they are a cowboy operation, or a long standing, reputable RV dealer in Ontario. If the dealership has changed hands regularly, or has stayed under the same owners, but changed names a few times, this can be a sign that they are trying to avoid negative coverage, and caution should be exercised! Knowing that your Ontario RV dealer has been in the business for a long time is a reassuring sign that they know what they are doing; not only that, but that the same dealer will be there months or years down the line if you ever have issues with your trailer.

6. Does the RV come with a warranty, if so what does it include, and how long is it good for? Can you buy an extended warranty?

Here are Christie’s RV, we pride ourselves on our transparency; we make sure that our customers know exactly what they are getting, and we leave nothing to chance! Hidden surprises are generally not good, and we don’t want that to be a part of your experience. Always make sure that your RV dealer goes through the warranty of whichever RV you are purchasing with you, in excruciating detail if necessary, a dealer that will take the time to do this is likely trustworthy. If you know that you are generally pretty rough on your trailers, you might want to consider an extended warranty, to make sure that on the off chance something goes wrong, you have the coverage you need. As the old adage goes, better to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it!

7. What is the construction type of the RV?

Any reputable, and halfway knowledgeable dealer should be able to answer this one. This is an important question to have answered, as you can either save big, or way over spend based on your needs if you don’t pay attention to the construction. The two main types are laminate and traditional. Laminate construction is built with an aluminum frame, and high gloss fiber glass siding; this is very sturdy and holds up well to punishment, but comes at a higher price than traditional. Laminate construction is ideal for those who plan to put a lot of miles on their unit, and may look to take it on to rougher terrain as part of their travels. Traditional construction RVs are made with wooden frames and corrugated aluminum siding. They are still a sturdy construction, but not to quite the same extent as laminate; they tend to cost less, and as such are ideal for people who perhaps use their trailers less frequently and will rarely, if ever take it on to anything but smooth roads.

8. Does the dealer have its own service and after care facility?

If the RV dealer offers service and after care, this is a great sign that they will stand by their product further down the line. It can add much convenience, especially if you encounter problems with your trailer, as you should be able to return it to the dealer you purchased from and they will tend to the issue themselves, rather than sending the unit off site to some unknown repair shop. An authorized RV dealer with its own service and RV repair shop is also more likely to offer OEM spares as part of its maintenance services, which can help you to keep the value of your RV higher when it comes time to trade it in. Especially if you keep coming back for all of your planned maintenance needs, the dealer and service staff will gain knowledge of your RV and its history, allowing them to do the best possible job keeping your RV running for many years to come.

Hopefully you have found these questions to ask, and the reasons why, both interesting and informative. At Christie’s RV, we don’t just sell trailers, we sell memories! Camping vacations are the perfect way to spend time with loved ones, and enjoy all that our beautiful country has to offer, and by asking the right questions, you are more likely to get a great deal on the right RV for your needs, for a truly effortless experience, both at the dealer and beyond. So, whether you’re new to camping, or you’re a seasoned RV vet, we can’t wait to hear you ask us these questions here at Christie’s RV, we’ll happily answer them all!

Call ahead for an appointment – 705-777-2200, or simply drop by to see our huge selection of new and used RVs for sale in Ontario, and we will take great care of you!



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