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Mobile Office Trailer Add-Ons - Office Trailers for sale Ontario

Mobile Office Trailer Add-Ons

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Christie’s RV are the go to destination in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario for all of your RV needs, not only that, but we additionally carry arrange of mobile offices, construction trailers and portable office units. If you already own or lease an office unit you might be thinking about making some additions or upgrades, and Christie’s RV have just what you need to do that! This article looks at some of the most popular mobile office add ons, read on to find out more, or even get some inspiration for your construction trailer.


Steps and Ramps:

Some people just make do with a step up in to their mobile office trailer, but if you’re looking to have visitors you’ll certainly want to think about adding steps and or a ramp to the entrance. Not only is it convenient, but your local district might even require it. You’ll not only reduce the risk of injury getting in and out of your mobile construction trailer, but you’ll be providing a lifeline to those who need the use of a ramp.


Handicap Bathrooms:

Just as with ramps, it may be a requirement for your business to provide bathrooms equipped for the disabled. It just so happens that this type of modification is easily added to existing units, and provides a means to keep your construction trailer to code.



The addition of appliances can be a huge improvement to your mobile office trailer, adding ovens, dishwashers, or something as simple as a microwave can enable you or your employees to prepare food and or easily clean up. Obviously, dishwashers will require plumbing, but if your trailer has the means, it might be the perfect add on for you!



Adding fixed shelves to your mobile office trailer can free up vital space on desk tops and in cupboards, not only that, but it is one of the cheapest and most cost effective ways to upgrade your construction trailer.


Tech Add Ons:

Tech add ons can be almost anything you want them to be! From wall mounted TV installs to flush mounted speaker systems, from WiFi to automated lighting, the world is your oyster and these big ticket upgrades will get your space noticed.


Canopies and Awnings:

Canopies and awnings allow for employees or visitors to get some shade when its sunny, or find a dry spot when it rains without having to come indoors. Not only that, but they also add a nice aesthetic to any mobile office.


HVAC Systems:

Adding a HVAC system, even a window air con unit, will add a huge amount of comfort to your portable office trailer no matter the season. Heating in the winter, air conditioning in the summer. As well as creating a more comfortable environment for you and your employees, you’ll also ensure important documents aren’t damaged by humidity.


Security Systems:

Mobile office trailers can benefit from the same security systems as are commonly used on residences and fixed building businesses. HD cameras no longer draw big power or require significant wiring. Cloud storage and WiFi mean that almost any system can be utilized to keep your mobile office trailer safe.


Christie’s RV have a huge range of office trailers for sale Ontario, and whether you want something basic, or you want to fully kit it out with electronics and conveniences, we have something for you! Stop by our show room where our friendly sales team will ensure you get to see the best of everything. We are also able to place custom orders, so if it’s not on the lot, we’ll help you design it! Call ahead or just drop in, we are looking forward to meeting your mobile construction trailer needs in Ontario!

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